Amapiu is a brand for women who love premium comfort. What inspired us? Love for high-quality pieces which complete every woman’s wardrobe. We create clothing decorated with embroidery of different patterns and colors. We love more – this is the genesis of the community created by Amapiu, as well as the pillar and the core meaning of our brand. We work with materials from Italy and Poland, and we make our clothes in Poland itself. Fashion and art are our passions, and our main desire is to incorporate them into our work. We aspire to step on the path that will lead us towards independence, and as a result, we will be able to create something truly unique. This brand is the tangible manifestation of our dreams.

Now we have our own space where we realize our visions and embody our desires.Every single element of our designing process is looked after with great care, and given irrefutable faith and a passionate heart. One of us is a fan of comfortable sweatpants, while the other is the elegant one. Add that together and you will have a perfect mix of comfortable fashion in an elegant style. The name AMAPIU was born out of love for Italy and beauty! “Ama di piu!” means “Love harder, love more!”. The AMAPIU woman is demanding, unconventional, daring, active, independent and grounded. She likes to stand out from the crowd – she appreciates and accepts herself fully. And also… loves harder!

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